Intention pendant "INFINITY"
Intention pendant "INFINITY"
Intention pendant "INFINITY"

Intention pendant "INFINITY"

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Alloy:Yellow gold 585/-
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Schmuck Handmade in Germany Handmade in Germany
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Pendant from the Intention series 925/- silver with gold symbol in 585/-
with anchor chain 925/-, length 45cm.


In infinity we find our strength, the eternal endless love,
that unites everything. Here is our origin and our perfection.


Jewelry that touches and tells stories

We are guided by three core values. They are bundled in our brand name: noën, which is derived from the Japanese first name Noemi, which translates to “purity”, “clarity” and “beauty”. It is precisely these attributes that determine everything we do.


Handmade in Germany

With our family background and our experience and expertise from three generations, we produce jewelry by hand in our factory near Pforzheim. On old wooden workbenches that still belong to the family and tell decades-old manufacturing stories, work is carried out with passion, dedication and a lot of sensitivity. But we also use computer-aided design, innovative working techniques and the latest technologies. They ensure our perfect design and maximum quality, which at the same time have a minimal impact on the environment. We can only guarantee this by overseeing all the processes that a piece of jewelry goes through and bundling them under one roof. From the first idea to the finished piece of jewelry, everything takes place in the workshops of our factory.

Courage is at the beginning of action, luck is at the end.