Material & Care

What does gold plated mean?

Our entire silver collection is either gold and rose gold plated or rhodium or black rhodium plated. This means that we applied a thicker layer of gold
than with gold plating. With gold plating, the layer thickness depends
between 0.1 µ g - 0.2 µ g (microns). With gold plating, a thickness of up to 10 µ g can be achieved. Normal gold plating is too thin for daily wear and rubs off very quickly (as little as 2-3 weeks depending on use). Plating, on the other hand, is many times thicker and therefore lasts longer; this is referred to as hard gold plating. Gold-plated jewelry also needs to be replated over time, depending on how frequently it is worn. Under Full circle you will find details on how you can make your piece of jewelry shine again!

Sterling silver 925/- is a very soft and delicate precious metal that reacts with oxygen
reacts in the air and naturally tarnishes (oxidizes). Moist and salty air in particular causes silver to oxidize more quickly. For this reason, please follow the care instructions for gold-plated jewelry. Over time, the rings and necklaces can lose their shine and become discolored and dull due to cosmetics, dust and dirt. These are normal signs of wear and are not grounds for complaint. At noën, all pieces of jewelry are provided with galvanic tarnish protection, so your piece of jewelry stays fresh and brilliant for even longer.

What does rec mean?

For some colored stones in the Dolce collection, we do not use real quartz but rather reconstructed gemstones such as coral rec.. Due to the species protection agreement and compliance with nature conservation requirements, many coral species are protected. But we find the color and the resulting color combinations so exciting that we decided to use an “artificial” coral.

Everyday care

We recommend that you store your jewelry in dry and not damp rooms if possible. In fact, the silver in noën jewelry does not react with the oxygen in the air, but with tiny amounts of hydrogen sulfide contained in it. This creates what is known as silver sulfide on the surface of the silver jewelry. And that in turn is the dark to brownish-black discoloration. Some skin care products support this process and therefore only put on your jewelry after applying care products.

For daily care, you can gently and carefully rub your piece of jewelry with a damp cloth. If you won't be wearing it for a long time, try to store it in a dark place, for example in a small ziplock bag.

Only put on your jewelry after applying care products. They can possibly damage your jewelry. We also recommend that you take off your jewelry before going to bed, showering, doing housework, exercising and swimming.