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Quality and responsibility lie in our hands: the manufacture

A piece of jewelry only becomes particularly valuable to us when it has been lovingly designed, perfectly crafted and manufactured using people and resources responsibly. With our family background and our experience and expertise from three generations, we produce jewelry by hand in our factory near Pforzheim. On old wooden workbenches that still belong to the family and tell decades-old manufacturing stories, work is carried out with passion, dedication and a lot of sensitivity. But we also use computer-aided design, innovative working techniques and the latest technologies. They ensure our perfect design and maximum quality, which at the same time have a minimal impact on the environment. We can only guarantee this by overseeing all the processes that a piece of jewelry goes through and bundling them under one roof. From the first idea to the finished piece of jewelry, everything takes place in the workshops of our factory. It is the source of our creativity, the center of our craftsmanship and the home of traditional goldsmithing. There is always plenty of room for human interaction, exchange and living community: the best ideas are born in peace and composure, which always combine the highest standards of quality and ethics.