Our colored gemstones come from transparent sources. They are cut exclusively by our partner in Idar Oberstein. In this way, we support and preserve local craftsmanship.

We work exclusively with suppliers who can guarantee conflict-free and ethical resources. We know each of our suppliers and the working conditions in their companies personally and ensure that they also select their suppliers according to ethical standards.


Our sapphires all come from Sri Lanka. The precious stones are mined there using traditional mining methods without the use of machines in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way for people and nature. The stones are then hand-picked and cut on site according to color and purity. We source all our sapphires from our partner Ceylons Munich.


The diamonds that we process at noën also make our jewelry shine in every respect: All diamonds are certified in accordance with the guidelines of the Kimberley Process Agreement.
However, we also want to go one step further here: We upcycle so-called vintage diamonds, which are recut and evaluated by our gemstone experts. Our vintage diamonds are just as durable, precious and stable in value as a newly mined diamond. Although we do not know its exact origin, no new mining is required, which in many places is still associated with
illegal mining, finances wars and permanently damages the environment. This allows us to create new value from what already exists with our diamonds. For us, they are the most sustainable choice, even taking into account the energy consumption that a laboratory-produced synthetic diamond